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Pastor Prayer Breakfast

Pastor Prayer Breakfast

We recently hosted a Pastor Prayer Breakfast, gathering pastors from across the valley to pray for Sheriff Chad Bianco and his team. This inspiring event fostered unity and collaboration among local church leaders, as they came together in prayer and support. It was a powerful moment of community and faith, highlighting the strength and solidarity of our spiritual leaders.

October Pastor Prayer Breakfast:

Our next Pastor Prayer Breakfast will be held in October, focusing on praying for our nation and the valley as we approach the 2024 election. Join us as we come together in faith and unity, seeking divine guidance and blessings for our community and country during this pivotal time.

Ministry doesn’t only happen on stage

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a 2019 JC Fest volunteer. We would love to serve with you! Serve, inspire, lead and change… These are the core values of JC Festival. Every volunteer is an important part of making the festival happen and should come with the heart that is dedicated to these values. No matter the area in which you volunteer, you are making an impact on the festival attendees.

It takes about 250 volunteers to make the festival successful. It’s very much a microcosm of the body of Christ. Many volunteers return not just because they had fun at the concert, but because they had a blast serving! We come together from many different cities, denominations, and backgrounds to serve those who attend. Yep…That’s the goal: love God by serving others!